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Crematorium services follow an old Victorian tradition and can be a rushed and sometimes traumatic way of saying goodbye

Cultural attitudes have changed to reflect the modern preference to celebrate the life of a loved one in a unique and memorable way

Direct Cremation was the choice of David Bowie when he died in January 2016

Direct Cremation is the fastest growing option giving you the freedom to choose a positive and individual farewell

This is the option you may not be told about if you visit a funeral director

Yet when most people become aware of what Direct Cremation is, it becomes the favoured choice

A Direct Cremation Service doesn’t mean no funeral. It’s simply a cremation without the crematorium ceremony, allowing you more time to plan the right send off

Today the average funeral costs well over £4,000 and has been rising ahead of inflation for years

A Celebration of Life Cremation Service costs £1,595 saving you up to 60% so you can choose the right send off

It’s simple to arrange online or by phone

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What we include for everyone is what makes a difference:

  • Caring team with professional attitude

  • Ethical approach to everything we do

  • Reassuring attention to detail

  • Straightforward service with transparent pricing

  • Easy to arrange online or by phone

  • Dealing in confidence with our compassionate team

  • Your loved one treated with upmost respect and dignity

  • Help and advice at a difficult time

  • No selling, no pressure, no rush

  • Eases your burden at time of need

  • Efficient and dependable process

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