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Help & Guidance

Please take a look at our help and guidance information. If you would rather just ask us please call 0800 014 6500 or use our contact form.

What do I do if somebody dies?

If the death is unexpected then you should call the police.

If the death was expected and a doctor had recently seen the deceased, call the doctor to inform them. The doctor will issue a medical certificate so you can register the death (which needs to be done within 5 days). You should also let the doctor know if the deceased is to be cremated.

If the doctor does not require a post mortem examination by a coroner then you are free to arrange the collection of the body.

Call us 24/7 on 0800 014 6500 or Arrange Online to organise the collection of the deceased.

If a coroner is required for a post mortem examination then this will have to be done before a medical certificate can be provided.

Once you receive a medical certificate from the doctor you will be able to register the death (which must be done within 5 days).

You can then arrange for the collection of the body (you may be required to sign for the body to be released by the hospital).

Call us 24/7 on 0800 014 6500 or Arrange Online to organise the collection of the deceased.

Once you have the medical certificate you can register the death.

You can register online at

or you can book an appointment at the local town register office, you will have to contact the local town government online or by phone. This must be done in the town where death occurred.

Ask for a TELL US ONCE appointment with the registrar. This reports a death to most government organisations in one go.

You must take the medical certificate showing the cause of death with you. You should also try to bring the person’s:

  • birth certificate
  • NHS medical card
  • proof of their address, like a utility bill
  • council tax bill
  • a driving licence
  • passport
  • marriage or civil partnership certificate

Don’t worry if you can’t find all these documents – you’ll still be able to register the death without them. The registrar will also want to know:

  • the person’s full name (at the time of their death)
  • any other names that the person used (e.g. a maiden name)
  • their date and place of birth, including the town and county if they were born in the UK, or just the country if they were born abroad
  • their last address
  • their occupation or last occupation if now retired
  • the full name of their husband, wife or civil partner, if they’ve died
  • details of any state pension or other state benefit they were receiving

If the death occurred inside a house or public building such as a hospital, the following people may register the death:

  • A relative
  • Someone who was present at the death
  • The occupier of the house or an official from the public building where the death occurs, e.g. the hospital
  • The person making the arrangements with the funeral director

If the death took place elsewhere, the following list of people may register the death.

  • A relative
  • Someone who was present at the death
  • The person who found the body
  • The person who is in charge of the body

A funeral director is not allowed to register the death.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we provide an unattended cremation service at a crematorium of our choosing so it will not be possible to attend the cremation.

Usually the cremation takes place within 14 days of instruction but please let us know if you have any specific requirement.

We will book the cremation date once we have received the documentation, payment and have your loved one in our care.

Unless you instruct otherwise, we usually hand deliver the ashes within 21 days of the cremation.

A simple solid pine coffin is used for its strength and environmental benefits.

The timber is Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified which means the trees are sustainably managed.

Cardboard is not used as it complicates the cremation process, is less popular and more expensive.

Everyone is cremated in their own individual coffin.

A biodegradable box from which the ashes may be accessed for transfer into an alternative container for scattering or the box can be buried directly into the ground.

Any jewellery is returned in a linen pouch.

We cover the whole of mainland England & Wales.

However, we may be able to assist you even if you are outside of this area.

Contact us on 0800 014 65000 or Send us a message to find out if we can help you.


The care home staff may have instructed a local funeral director and sometimes the family finds a local funeral director does not offer the simple cremation they want.

Speaking to our team will ensure the switch is as smooth as possible.  You will need to speak to the local firm and tell them we are taking over.

Call us on 0800 014 6500 or Send us a message to tell us your situation.

Help With Funeral Costs

If you are on the right qualifying benefits then you might be able to get a Funeral Expenses Payment. Please remember that other factors may affect the likely success of your claim.

The best way to make your application is to telephone DWP on 0800 731 0469 as soon as possible.

A maximum award will cover: the cremation fees + any doctors’ fees + £1,000 towards everything else. This may cover the entire cost of a Celebration of Life Cremation.

The team must receive a provisional cremation date and a final invoice before they can begin processing your claim. We can supply both as soon as you formally instruct us.

Help with a ceremony

We’ve put together some of our customers’ experiences to help inspire you during this difficult time in creating a special final goodbye for your loved one.

Celebration ideas

If you want to speak to somebody who can help you create a ceremony, you can find a local minister from one of the links below depending on your preference.

Humanist Ceremonies 

Interfaith Ceremonies (any religion or spiritualism)

Church Ceremonies

What to do now

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